Ultra Fluffy Furry Cuffs Pink


These versatile handcuffs are ideal for experienced restraint lovers, blushing beginners or couples looking to experience dazzling bondage play. Give yourself over to pure ecstasy when you slip on these enhanced faux fur-covered metal handcuffs with a lockable design.

Ultra Fluffy Furry Cuffs Pink

    Explore endless restraint possibilities with the adjustable cuff size and durable design. Wrap around your back or around bed posts to relinquish total control to your lover and heightened pleasure while the plush faux fur keeps your wrists comfortable. The commanding cuffs are complete with 2 lock keys and a safety release latch in case of unexpected interruptions.

    Designer metal cuffs with enhanced faux fur for sensual play and comfort
    Soft and luxurious removable faux fur
    2 keys are included plus a safety release

    • Washing: Wipe down
    • Colour: Pink
    • Flexibility: Slight
    • Material: Metal

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