Tenga Hole Warmer


Tenga Hole Warmer

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Experiment with temperature play during masturbation and you may just find an exquisite new edge to your orgasms. The Tenga Hole Warmer has been designed for exclusive use with Tenga male sex toys and is an easy way to experience how heat enhances your ejaculation.

TENGA offers an even easier solution for the warming of TENGA male pleasure items!

The HOLE WARMER is an easy-to-use, re-usable product warmer designed to let you enjoy body-warmth self-pleasure at any time, for an easily affordable price!

To use, simply bend the metal disk inside until it clicks, and watch the HOLE WARMER transform into a solid, white stick, and simply place in hot water to return it to it’s original form!

Compatible Items

  • The Cup Range
  • Air Tech Range
  • Flip Hole Range
  • 3D Range
  • Flex Range
  • Spinner Range

Product Info

  • Reusable Approx. 30 Times

More Info

(D × W × H mm): 9×27×156
Weight (g): 36

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Male Masturbators