Id Glide 3ml Sachet
Id Glide Lubricant Sachet 3ml

Id Glide Lubricant Sachet 3ml


Id Glide 3ml Sachet

It may only be a 3 ml but this little sachet is the best water based lubricant on the market. Having been rigorously tested, ID glide is there to let you glide effortlessly through any bedroom antics. With a thin texture and natural feeling, ID glide has enough slip so you can explore without worry.

It can be used for many situations whether it be masturbation, oral, sex or even anal, have this little sachet to hand so glide can enhance those sensations and make everything smoother and more sensual.

But don’t be alarmed if it dries up, ID glide can be reactivated using a dash of water or if you’re feeling frisky, activate it with saliva. ID glide has been thoroughly tested and is compatible with other materials and works great with condoms and sex toys.

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