BKK Virtual Reality Cybersex Masturbation


BKK Virtual Reality Cybersex Masturbation

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BKK Cybersex Cup is an evolutionary smart sex toy, which combined virtual reality and motion sensing technology. The cup set included a motion sensing masturbation cup, a VR helmet, and a mobile application. Mobile Porn Game The Mobile application which come with the BKK cup, is the first ever 3D porn game for a smart phone. In the app you can customize your own 3D girlfriend in every way you can imagine. You get to pick her body, skin tone, hairstyle and the outfit she wears. Then put her wherever you want and get her into any position you desire so you can have some epic sex with your cybergirl. Full Customization of Your Dream Girl DIY your own girlfriend, adjust her body figure, choose different kinds of hairs, skin tones, outfits and voices. Outrageous Locations and Positions Choose your favorite locations and positions to enjoy awesome cybersex. The Masturbation Cup The BKK Cybersex Cup is an advanced virtual sex equipment, which has a built in motion sensor, to simulate your movement and conveyed through bluetooth LE to the mobile. So that your every strokes will transmitted to your favorite cyberbabies in the mobile porn game. VR Helmet The BKK VR Helmet is a device which worked with a smart phone. Once you active the app and switch to VR mode, you could put your smart phone into the helmet and dive into the world of Virtual Reality. The helmet fit most of the smart phone size in the market. 12 to 15 cm. iPhone 5 to 6 Plus, Nexus 4 to Note 5. The BKK Cybersex Cup package includes 1 One motion sensing masturbation cup 2 One VR helmet 3 Mobile App, Beta version. Download the app according to the card included. Get the cup ready, switch to VR mode in app and plug into the VR helmet. Then you can put the helmet on and immerse into the world of VR sex with your cyberbabe.

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