Anal Eze Gel Lubricant
Anal Eze Gel Anal Lubricant

Anal Eze Gel Anal Lubricant


Anal Eze Gel Lubricant

Anal Eze just got better! If you need something to enhance your anal adventures, this all purpose anal desensitizing gel is just the thing to take your ass to next level. In an easy to use squeeze tube, there’s no wastage. Just use a small amount and notice the great effects and benefits.

No chaffing and no discomfort! Anal Eze helps relax your anus muscles to a soothing state, allowing you to comfortably penetrate your ass safely. Slick and smooth, its desensitization helps give your ass a mild numbing effect, enabling you to take your anal endeavours further.

Anal Eze offers complete comfort for harder, longer and deeper enjoyments. It’s had a revisement and its new formulation is even more stronger than ever. Give your ass a treat and go the mile!

* Maximum strength

* Unscented

* Smooth & slick

* Makes penetration more pleasant

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1.5fl.oz 44mls

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1.5fl.oz 44mls